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Facility modifications and furnishing service  

Once your company has decided to settle in Science Park, our facility and furnishing service ensures that it’s easy to move in. Experts who are familiar with the Science Park facilities can provide you with assistance ranging from a needs assessment to facility planning and implementation. A well-planned facility meets the needs of its users and allows them to work efficiently – without compromising on comfort. Your facility also sends a message to your guests and customers. Implementing your premises with professionals saves time and reduces stress, and the end result is the best possible work environment for the people using your facility.

Among other things, the following facility and furnishing services are available through our expert contacts:

  • Surveys that can involve reviewing the requirements set for the facility, user wishes, possibilities for the facility, or compiling an inventory of the existing furnishings.
  • Facility and interior design and furnishing plans for both small and large premises.
  • Moves: full-service moves or assistance with the different stages of a move.
  • Furniture rentals
  • Furniture recycling
  • Furniture maintenance
  • Furniture storage
Contact information:

010 419 8010

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