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Become a member – do the following!

  • New members
    If you wish to become a member, please inform Louhelan Woima: Let us know the company you are working for and whether you are joining as a private person or you wish to have the company’s whole personnel as members. Corporate members also report the number of people working in the company (people working in the Science Park) and appoint a contact person for matters related to Louhelan Woima. You will receive an invoice for the membership fee and user rights to our member service, myClub.
  • Existing members
    A membership fee invoice will be delivered automatically by email at the beginning of the year. A membership fee invoice for your company will be delivered to your company’s representative or your company’s invoicing address. The membership fee is based on the number of employees in a company (people who work in the Science Park). An updated membership fee table is available on Louhelan Woima’s website. An invoice is based on the number of people included in myClub. Please update the number of employees in myClub before the turn of the year (new employees are added and former employees are removed). Changes concerning an invoice can be sent to:
  • Membership cards
    Louhelan Woima’s membership cards are valid for a calendar year at a time. You can receive a membership card by logging into the myClub service. You can either print out the card or save it on your mobile phone. A membership card is personal and is valid for a year at a time. You will be asked to present your membership card when you make reservations or purchase tickets to, for example, Vesikko, Kuntokeidas, Forever, or when you go to the Lobby Services to get access rights to the Science Park gym.
  • myClub supports your membership
    The myClub service is an essential part of Louhelan Woima’s membership. With the help of myClub, LoW manages the membership register, membership cards, and registration for events. As a member, you will be given access rights to myClub, with which you can easily maintain your own contact details, and automatically receive invoices and membership bulletins on your own membership page. On your personal membership page, you can also easily register for open LoW events and print out your membership card. You can find more information here.

Member fees 2021

1 person in the company20 €/person
2-4 people in the company40 €/company
5-9 people in the company100 €/company
10-20 people in the company220 €/company
21-30 people in the company350 €/company
31-60 people in the company500 €/company
61-100 people in the company 850 €/company
101-180 people in the company 1000 €/company
More than 180 people in the company 1500 €/company

Membership fee for a private person is 20 e/year. VAT 0%.

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