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Environmental responsibility  

Business Joensuu Oy is an environmentally responsible operator. The responsibility extends to our everyday choices – minimising adverse environmental effects, reducing our carbon footprint and also increasing environmental awareness. Our environmentally responsible activities comply with the principles of sustainable development, which means ecological, economic, social and cultural sustainability.

We observe the Green Science Park operating model. This means that the environmental impacts of properties, functions and services are taken into account throughout the organisation. Environmental and property management and measures are handled by our professionals, who are committed to achieving the goals.

Succeeding in our environmental responsibility goals requires anticipation, a systematic approach and concrete action. We continuously utilise and develop new technologies and operating models. We have selected continuous improvement as a goal: we monitor, measure and analyse our success.

Environmental responsibility and consideration of sustainable development also extend to our customers, for whom we want to offer a high-quality, safe and pleasant work environment. We take the needs and wishes of our customers and stakeholders into account. This is how we strive to provide our customers with added value and support their business. 

Our environmental goals

  •  We maintain and develop the environmental programme.
  • We use electricity produced with 100% renewable energy.
  • We regularly collect and analyse energy consumption data.
  • We inform and train our personnel and customers concerning environmental matters.
  • We use equipment and technologies that save energy and water (such as LED technology).
  • We reduce waste volumes and recycle effectively (landfill waste 0%).
  • We take environmental perspectives into account in procurement.
  • We aim for continuous improvement in environmental matters.
  • We favour service providers that have an environmental management system.

Environmental responsibility in our facilities 

The environmental perspective is always part of developing our facilities. What does that mean in practice? So far, it has meant things like this:

  • We reduce energy consumption in the facilities by means of various building automation measures.
  • We implement corrective measures and improvements related to heating, sewage systems and ventilation.
  • We regularly check the condition and settings of the office heating and ventilation devices.
  • We take energy efficiency into account in the design of the facilities.  
  • We replace incandescent and halogen lamps with more energy-efficient LED lamps.
  • We use timers and motion sensors with lighting.
  • We use cloth towel systems instead of disposable paper towels in sanitary facilities and kitchens.
  • We use water-saving plumbing fixtures and waterless urinals.
  • We perform energy audits to find targets for energy saving.
  • We utilise solar energy; we have solar panels on the roof. See production.

Environmental responsibility in services 

Environmental perspectives are visible in many ways to Science Park customers.

  • Service providers (including cleaning and restaurant services) are committed to using environmentally friendly solutions in their procurement and activities, for example, in the detergents used.
  • Our restaurants strive to reduce food waste by means of bio-waste calculators.
  • We have made recycling and sorting as easy as possible.
  • The goal in sales of office supplies is to offer environmentally friendly products.
  • We promote sustainable mobility and support the reduction of car use by offering our customers the opportunity to borrow bicycles and electric transport options (electric bikes, electric scooters).
  • We organise events such as an energy-saving week, WEEE collection, stair days, cycling kilometre competitions.
  • We increase environmental awareness through communication.

Electric car charging point 

We promote zero-emission transport! There is a charging point for two electric cars at the end of Building 1 in Science Park. The charging point is subject to a fee and available to all our customers. 

WWF Green Office 

Business Joensuu is a Green Office. WWF Green Office is an environmental management system for offices that enables workplaces to reduce their environmental burden, achieve savings and slow climate change. Learn more about Green Office.   

A climate partner for the City of Joensuu

Business Joensuu does climate work with the City of Joensuu by promoting sustainable business activities. We encourage companies, communities and residents in the Joensuu region to transition to a low-carbon way of life.
Climate partnership means systematically working on behalf of the climate. Read more about the city’s climate work and its climate partners. 

Contact information:

010 419 8010

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