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Meeting services

Are you planning to organise a pleasant meeting or seminar day, a sauna or perhaps celebrate an important day? Choose between 20 different meeting, seminar and banquet rooms, two sauna departments, and opportunities for organising additional programmes and activities – all under the same roof. 


It’s easy to hold an event at Science Park. 

The package is complemented by a diverse range of services, top-level meeting technology and a great location in in the centre of Joensuu. You can also arrange your event as a hybrid solution, which makes it possible for people to attend the meeting remotely. This ensures that as many people as possible can participate in your important event and be part of an enjoyable meeting day.   

Tell us what you have in mind for your event! Our Meeting Services will help you with every part of your meeting and event. 

  • Well-equipped meeting facilities 
  • Top-level meeting technology 
  • Full-service meeting packages 
  • Located close to the city centre 
  • Easy to get to 
  • A parking garage  
  • Catering and restaurant services under the same roof 
  • Great activity opportunities  

Meeting world

Easy and convenient. 

Catering and restaurant services   

High-quality catering services for meeting facilities are easy to arrange with one of the restaurants operating under the same roof. Are you arranging a formal meeting, a relaxed seminar or an elegant company event? Tell us more about your event and we’ll give you a proposal for suitable refreshments.   


Parking for your event is easy to arrange in the parking garage located right next to Science Park. The parking garage on Hallitie 2 is open every day from 7 am until 10 pm.   


Do you need accommodation for yourself or your guests in connection with your event? The high-quality hotels in Joensuu city centre provide several options for arranging accommodation.  

If you want accommodation “right beside Science Park”, Holiday Linnunlahti’s apartments are an excellent option. It takes just a few minutes to walk from Holiday Linnunlahti to Science Park.  Read more about the holiday apartments and make a reservation on the Holiday Linnunlahti website

An all-inclusive event day or party

Would you prefer to focus on the content and guests at your meeting or event rather than making the arrangements? The service can be combined with meeting facilities, a hybrid or virtual event, catering, an activity programme, furniture, information technology, cloakroom services, guidance for guests and photography.

We can also organise social functions, bachelor / bachelorette parties and a variety of family celebrations – specifically tailored for your guests.

Meeting world

Find out more and book a meeting or sauna facility  

Find out more about our meeting facility options and choose the space that’s best for your event. Modern meeting technology, AV equipment and wireless internet connections are always a standard feature of meeting facilities at Science Park, and expert support in their smooth use is available as an additional service.   

Science Park’s high-quality sauna facilities are suitable for both smaller and larger groups, regardless of whether you’re arranging a recreational event, bachelor party, game night or seminar. Each sauna has towels, bench covers, shampoos and conditioners ready and waiting for you. 

Find a suitable facility and make a reservation via our booking system

You can also make a reservation by calling Science Park’s Meeting Services at +358 10 419 8010 or by sending an e-mail to 


Tips for well-being at work days 

Visit Botania, go bowling at Kuntokeidas, or watch your favourite sports at the Mehtimäki sports park. Finish your day by relaxing in a sauna at Science Park. There are two great saunas to choose from: Zeus and Oasis. For a carefree day, restaurant Sulo Puisto offers delicious meals.  

Mehtimäki sports park 

The versatile Mehtimäki sports park is located right next to Science Park where you can also find excellent outdoor routes. Mehtimäki is a unique centre for leisure time, sports and expertise, providing facilities for doing sports as well as watching them. 

The 56-hectare area has two large indoor halls (Joensuu Areena and ice hall), an athletics field, Laulurinne (Singing Hill), Finnish baseball stadium, racing track, swimming hall, skate park, tennis hall, curling hall and a dog training field.  

In the vicinity of Science Park, you can also find Jokiasema, Holiday Linnunlahti, Botania, sports centre Kuntokeidas, restaurant Gaude, Hasanniemi summer theatre, and public beach.  

Meeting world

Guide for meeting organisers    

A meeting is successful when everything seems to run by itself. We have compiled a brief guide on how to arrange a successful event day at Science Park. 

Before the event  

Contact us and tell us what kind of event you’re organising. Our meeting sales department will help you choose the best facility for your event from our diverse selection of spaces. The options range from seminar and workshop spaces to sauna facilities. 

The meeting facility is an important element in terms of the atmosphere and success of the event. The nature and date of the meeting as well as the number of participants largely determines the type of space that works best in each situation. If necessary, we can handle whatever furniture arrangements are required for the event.  

What kind of technology does your event require?  

It’s also a good idea to consider what kind of equipment and technical devices you need. Please inform us about any special needs well in advance of the event. Science Park also has a meeting room with video conference equipment. It’s also worth considering whether you could organise the meeting as a hybrid event, which means not all the participants would have to be physically present. This saves money and nature – and that is always important to us. You can also ask about IT support in advance as an additional service for the events. 


More information about the facilities and functions   

The Science Park website provides a comprehensive presentation of our meeting facilities. We’re happy to give you a tour of the venue in advance. That way you can feel confident about knowing where to find everything on the day of the event. 

Our meeting facilities are stocked with a variety of basic supplies, including everything needed to take notes. 

Our facilities have modern meeting technology, AV devices and wireless network connections. If necessary, we can provide instructions concerning use of the meeting technology in advance, so that everything runs smoothly at the actual event. In any case, it’s always a good idea to test the technology on the day of the event before the participants arrive  

Remember the refreshments   

Good food or coffee served with a snack are always popular at meetings and other events. A restaurant operating in Science Park is a convenient partner for organising catering at meetings. You can also order the refreshments from somewhere else – or make them yourself. . 

Guidance and parking for meeting guests   

Making sure all the guests to find their way to the location is an important factor when organising a successful event. 

Take advantage of Science Park’s guidance page by linking it directly to the event invitation or share our meeting facility map with participants. 

Parking for your event is easy to arrange in the parking garage located right next to Science Park. The parking garage at Hallitie 2 is open every day from 7 am until 10 pm. 

During the event    

Get the most out of your event. Now it’s time to enjoy yourself and spend time with your guests. We’ll make sure that the participants find their way to the right place and your event runs smoothly Remember that you can come to us with all your questions: we’re always available – and the customer always comes first for us. . 


After the event     

You don’t have to worry about the cleaning arrangements. Our cleaning service will put everything back in place after your event. Just remember to take your own belongings with you – but don’t worry if you forget something. We’ll keep any forgotten items in a safe place until you come to pick them up. 

Comments and feedback on the arrangements and services at the event are always welcome – this is important to us! 

We hope to see you again soon!  

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