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Keys and moving around in the property  

Access rights will only be added to the Tiedepuisto access control system on the basis of a written notification submitted by the designated person responsible for keys at a company or organisation located in Tiedepuisto. The designated person fills in and signs the attached form electronically whenever there is a need for new access rights and/or keys. The designated person must submit the names of the persons entitled to an access badge on the form at least 1-2 working days in advance. You can use the same form to submit more than one name at a time, and this form is also used to order the necessary guest badges. Lobby Services will notify you when the access badges are ready for pick up at Lobby Services upon presentation of personal identification.

If you have any questions about completing the form, please contact Lobby Services: 

Tel. +358 10 419 8010, 

Key and access badge 

The user of a mechanical or CLIQ key and access badge must store the key and access badge with care and use them according to the instructions provided. The pin code for the access badge must also be carefully protected. Never write the PIN code down in a way that makes it possible to misuse the badge.

Instructions regarding routes 

When picking up their badges, access badge holders receive instructions on the routes that are available to them. The access badge (and pin code) opens any locked doors on those routes. Please report any problem situations and malfunctions to Lobby Services by e-mail

Moving around in Science Park on weekdays 

During Science Park office hours from Monday to Friday, the doors along the public routes open at 7:40 am and close at 4:30 pm.

Using exterior doors outside Science Park office hours

Outside of Science Park office hours, the only doors that remain open are the main door on the Länsikatu side of Building 1, the exterior door on the connecting corridor side at the base of the tower in Building 3A, and the main door at the corner of the ice hall side of Building 3B. You can enter Buildings 4A and 4B from all exterior doors if your access badge has the required access rights. Please note that leaving the building when the alarms are activated is only permitted via the above-mentioned doors. The only exception to this is an emergency situation, in which case you should use the nearest exit.

Fee for door opening

If you leave your keys at home or in the office, the fee for opening the door is EUR 50 on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm, and EUR 100 in the evenings and on weekends (incl. 24% VAT). The security company Guru Security opens the doors outside office hours (tel. 0200 295 90, email:

If you lose your access badge or key 

If you lose your access badge or key, immediately notify Tiedepuisto Lobby Services (tel. +358 10 419 8010,

If the locks have to be reprogrammed and new keys ordered due to the loss of the key, the costs will be charged to the person who lost the key or the organisation for which that person works. The price for replacing a lost access badge is EUR 50, incl. 24% VAT (this does not apply to cases in which the leather case is broken/damaged).

Key return

The access key and other keys must be returned to Business Joensuu Oy Ltd immediately after the validity has been expired. If the keys will not be returned within 14 days from their expiry, Business Joensuu Oy Ltd is entitled to charge 50,00 € (incl. VAT 24%). 

Responsibility for security 

The holder of an access badge must always ensure that the doors close properly after use.
Do not prop the doors open. If a door must be propped opened, for example, in connection with the delivery of goods, ensure that the door is closed immediately after the goods have been transported through the door. The department and corridor doors are equipped with a so-called “passive door” closed with a long latch. The long latches are protected by locked covers. If you need more space for goods transport, you can ask Lobby Services to open the long latches, tel. +358 10 419 8010. 

Access badge holders may not allow other persons to enter the building unless they are a guest of the badge holder. The costs caused by violating the instructions and the resulting alarms will be charged to the person responsible for them.


When guests arrive, Lobby Services will notify the host if asked to do so by the guest. Each host is responsible for their guests and must also ensure that guests leave the building.
The host is responsible for visitors arriving in the evenings and their access to the property. The host must also ensure that their guests leave the property. No one may allow a person to enter the property if they do not have an access badge for the building.. 

Visitors in the evenings and on weekends 

The special door controls and access arrangements required for events held in the property in the evenings or on weekends must be agreed with Lobby Services as early as possible, and at least one week before the event. If the event requires programming the doors to remain open outside Tiedepuisto office hours, the organiser of the event must arrange a supervisor to monitor the lobby. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that no outside persons enter the building.

Contact information:

010 419 8010

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