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Louhelan Woima

Louhelan Woima (LoW) is an association that organises diverse recreational activities for those working in the Joensuu Science Park. LoW allows you to enjoy both physical exercise and culture in a relaxed atmosphere. The exciting events of LoW provide members of the Science Park with community refreshment, new contacts, regular hobbies and new experiences. Here you can find information on Louhelan Woima and become a member!

Introduction to LoW

How LOW can you go!

The association called Louhelan Woima (LoW) operates at the Science Park and organises leisure time activities and offers events related to exercise and culture to everyone working at the facilities of Joensuu Science Park. The target of the association is to promote exercise, sports, a healthy way of life, activities that maintain working ability and leisure time activities in the community of the Joensuu Science Park.

Become a member

Become a member of Louhelan Woima!

Everyone working at the facilities of Joensuu Science Park can become a member of Louhelan Woima. LoW membership entails an annual membership fee that is paid as a company or as a private individual. You can become a member by paying a membership fee. You are welcome to join us!


Membership benefits

LOW membership benefits

Louhelan Woima’s membership card is personal and it is valid for a calendar year at a time. You will be asked to present your membership card when you purchase products or services from companies that offer membership benefits. 

Please note the following with regard to Louhelan Woima membership discounts:

  • The membership discount is always personal.
  • Louhelan Woima sponsors one visit per member to one venue per week.
  • You are only entitled to the discount if you present your membership card.

Louhelan Woima’s card entitles you to membership discounts at the city’s sports venues and now also in several companies in other service sectors!


Season tickets

Season tickets

In addition to independent recreation, members of the Science Park community may experience the thrill and excitement of local sports and cultural events.
You can reserve season tickets from the Lobby Services of the Science Park for the following:

  • Joensuu City Orchestra concerts
  • Kataja´s matches
  • Josba´s matches
  • Joma´s matches
  • Joensuun Kiekko-Pojat matches
  • Jippo´s matches


Physical fitness and energy for daily life – a gym at your service

As a member of Louhelan Woima, you are entitled to use the gym at Joensuu Science Park. Forget about excuses – this is probably the easiest way to combine a gym workout with your daily schedule!

The gym at the Science Park contains all the basic equipment needed for an efficient gym workout, such as plates, barbells and hand weights. There are also kettlebells, exercise balls and mats that can be used. Here you can find a detailed list of gym equipment.


Contact information

Contact information

Hanne Huhmarsalo

Development Manager, Customer Experience and Quality

+358 50 380 2382

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