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Leisure time services, gym and Science Park community 

Louhelan Woima (LoW) is an association that organises a wide variety of leisure time activities for people working at Joensuu Science Park. We provide access to exercise and culture in a relaxed manner. LoW’s fun events offer members of the Science Park community refreshment, new contacts, great experiences and regular activities, such as Science Park’s very own gym. Find out more and join Louhelan Woima.

The Science Park environment also provides the opportunity for a wide range of activities throughout the year.

Outdoor recreation

Mehtimäki offers a great number of different possibilities for outdoor activities. Right next to Science Park, you’ll find a competition and practice ice hall as well as skating rinks, ski trails and outdoor routes, a skateboarding park as well as football, baseball and athletics fields. Local teams and athletes play and compete at the same venues – so you can be active yourself or go and watch sports!

The nearby waters of Lake Pyhäselkä and Pielisjoki River provide even more opportunities around Mehtimäki. The Linnunlahti swimming beach and beach volleyball courts are just a few hundred metres from Science Park, and the professionals from Arctic Trainers and Enjoy Life Finland can help you get out on the water with a canoe or SUP board.

Joensuu Racetrack is the place to go for harness racing. Other events, such as dog shows, are also held there. 

 You’ll also find a disc golf course less than one kilometre from Science Park – in the “backyard” of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Joensuu.

Indoor activities

Regardless of the weather, indoor activities are always a great option. Mehtimäki also provides plenty of possibilities in this area.

Bowling, squash, wall climbing, badminton… These are just a few examples, find out more about all the possibilities at Joensuun Kuntokeidas sports centre! 

Vesikko Aquatic Centre is also a great choice during the winter. It has separate swimming, children’s and diving pools as well as a water slide and a warm multi-purpose pool.

Joensuu Areena is a multi-purpose hall that can be adapted for many uses: exhibitions, banquets or concerts. Joensuu Areena is also a sports facility that offers excellent practice and competition facilities for several different ball games and indoor sports. This is the home venue for many of Joensuu’s sports teams, which gives you the chance to watch great sports.

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Louhelan Woima

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