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Building technology

In our facilities, we have standard settings for temperature and air conditioning, and these are controlled through building automation. The electrical and computer sockets are located either in ducts in the walls or portable socket columns.
If you want to adjust the lighting, ventilation, heating or cooling, or you need any other services related to building technology, such as moving socket columns, contact the service department at 


Ventilation for the entire property is controlled by automation. For more detailed information, please contact property maintenance. If you’re organising an event in a location other than the public meeting facilities and need to increase the ventilation for a large audience contact the maintenance department:

Most of the facilities have a room-specific cooling system controlled via automation. In addition, some office rooms have a controller near the door, which you can use to adjust the temperature specified in the basic settings by a few degrees.

Opening the hatches on the windows for ventilation purposes is unnecessary. However, if the hatches are kept open, you must ensure that the they are closed at the end of the work day. The windows must also be closed when you leave the space.


Heating is controlled by the thermostats on the hot-water radiators. Some of the thermostats are controlled by property automation, which means that they have no moving parts or numbers. 
If the radiator thermostat is a manually adjustable model, it is important to make sure that the thermostat is not turned up too high. If the radiator thermostats are too hot and the cooling systems tries to cool the room, the room will feel draughty and energy will be wasted.

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