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Joensuu Science Park comprises six buildings located in close proximity to one another. The buildings are numbered and each one has its own number and letter combination. Each building also has a colour code. The same colour, number and letter codes are used in all signs, making it easy to find the right place.

The doors along the main routes (1st floor) are marked with tape, and they are open during office hours from 7:40 am until 4:30 pm. Outside of office hours, you can always exit the buildings and take a lift down. Remember to use the stairs in emergency situations!

The address of a company operating in Science Park is: Your company name, Länsikatu 15, Building no. xxx (for example, 3A) 80110 Joensuu. You can find the location of all companies operating in Science Park in the business register

When you arrange meetings, you can tell people the name of the meeting space and the building it is located in (for example, Building 4B) and link this information page to your invitation. This makes it easier for your guests to come to the right building and venue at the Science Park. The information page allows your guests to check routes in different buildings and the location of info points, restaurants, lifts, stairs and exterior doors. The page also has a map in PDF format. You can also advise your guests to download a mobile map at (PDF)

You can utilise the information page in the contact information section of your company website.

Contact information:

010 419 8010

Heidi Oinonen

Customer Service Officer

+358 50 463 9008

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