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Service call  

If you observe any deficiencies or service needs in the premises, submit a service call via the JULMO service channel  

You’ll receive follow-up messages concerning the service calls you have submitted through the service. The links in messages allow you to monitor the processing of your notification in real time. When you submit a JULMO service call, you’ll always be able to monitor the progress of your notification and, if necessary, use the link to comment on your notifications with text, images and other attachments. An acknowledgement message will be sent to you once the service procedure has been completed. If necessary, you can use the link provided to resend your notification for processing or submit a new notification about the same site. 

The building-specific service call links are listed below. Select the link depending on which building  your request concerns.  

The acknowledgement message contains a link that allows you to provide feedback concerning how the work request was handled. Feedback is easy to give by tapping the smiley icon in the message that best describes your assessment of how the procedure was dealt with.

Contact information:

010 419 8010

Mikko Naakka

Property Manager

+358 50 321 6822

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