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Your company’s address in our premises is:
Länsikatu 15, Building no. xxx (for example, 3A) 80110 Joensuu. 

Incoming mail

Posti will deliver your company’s letters to the mailbox marked with your company name in the lower lobby of the building. The mailbox has a code lock, for which Lobby Services will provide user instructions.

Parcel Lockers for packages
Posti has a SmartPost Point and a Parcel Locker located in the lobby of Building 3B. These are available to people working in Science Park and companies located in Science Park. The exterior doors of the 3B building are open Mon-Fri from 7:40 am to 4:30 pm. We recommend that customers primarily order package delivery to these service points.

Parcel room for packages arriving via Posti 
Postin kautta saapuvat postipaketit jaetaan pakettihuoneeseen. Pakettihuone sijaitsee 1-rakennuksen pääaulassa, aulapalvelun vieressä. Posti ja muut tavarantoimittajat toimittavat Tiedepuistolla sijaitsevien organisaatioiden paketit tähän huoneeseen. 

Lobby Services then notifies recipients of packages that have arrived. Recipients can pick up their packages from the parcel room after Lobby Services has opened the door.  

The facility has access control and camera surveillance 24 hours/day.

Packages from other parcel delivery companies and suppliers
In addition to the address information, you can provide the sender or supplier with the recipient’s name and telephone number as well as the number of the Science Park building (1, 2, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B) in which your company’s premises are located. This allows the supplier to call the recipient and deliver the packages directly to your company premises. In other cases, you can pick up the package from Lobby Services in Building 1.  

Outgoing mail

All letters and packages delivered directly to Lobby Services in Building 1 will be sent in the same day’s outgoing mail.

You can also leave outgoing letters in the Lobby Services mailboxes located in the lobbies of Buildings 3B, 4A and 4B. If you leave your letters in the boxes by 2 pm on weekdays, they will be sent in the same day’s mail.

Larger batches and special items, such as express letters, registered letters, packages, etc., should be taken directly to Lobby Services.

The Lobby Services mailbox is located in the row of mailboxes in the main lobby, and you can put your mail into that box even if Lobby Services is closed (weekdays after 4 pm). Lobby Services also has a mailbox for internal University of Eastern Finland mail.

The mail room next to Lobby Services in Building 1 has a self-service parcel packing point equipped with packing paper, bubble wrap and packing tape.

If your company wants to make a service agreement with Posti concerning mail delivery, please contact Posti directly:


Contact information:

010 419 8010

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