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Safety and security   

Business Joensuu, which owns Science Park, has a safety and security team that is responsible for ensuring safety and security at the facility. The team has prepared a safety and security policy that defines the objectives, responsibilities and implementation methods adopted by Business Joensuu.

Safety and security is part of Business Joensuu’s strategy and operational quality. Safety and security work is part of daily activities. The different safety and security needs of the tenants, customers and other partners set high standards for safety and security management at Business Joensuu. Mikko Naakka is the safety and security manager at Science Park. 

The safety and security team’s key areas of responsibility

  • Specifying the policy and principles related to safety and security
  • Setting safety and security objectives
  • Describing operating models related to safety and security
  • Planning and monitoring operational activities related to safety and security
  • Compiling safety and security documents and instructions 

Organisation of safety activities 

The safety and security team works directly under the Business Joensuu management. Business Joensuu’s management group approves the policy, principles, objectives and action plans. Measures agreed by the team are implemented in accordance with the normal areas of responsibility at Business Joensuu. The safety and security team meets three times a year or when needed.

Contact information:

010 419 8010

Mikko Naakka

Property Manager

+358 50 321 6822

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