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Facilities and meeting services under the same roof – welcome to Science Park!    

Rent a space or hold meetings at the high-profile Science Park and take advantage of all the services available under the same roof!  


Science Park is more than just walls and a ceiling – it’s a state of mind.

Science Park people are known as ambitious builders of the future. This is a place to work hard and make progress – to achieve and be successful. This is where the people of Joensuu are making tomorrow’s great deeds happen. Be one of us!  

Science Park is operated by Business Joensuu Oy. 

Welcome to ICT Hub Joensuu

Digital innovation centre, interesting and dynamic growth environment for ICT companies and experts!


Facilities to meet your company’s needs! 

Suitable facility solutions, a comprehensive service package and a diverse range of additional services – including expert services to help your company grow and develop – all available under the same roof. 

  • Modern office spaces 
  • Well-equipped meeting facilities 
  • Located close to the city centre 
  • Easy to get to 
  • A parking garage  
  • Lunch restaurants under the same roof 
  • Versatile lobby and office services 
  • An active community: 120 companies and 1,000 students 

Meeting world

Find a suitable meeting facility.

A traditional meeting room, large seminar hall, auditorium or perhaps a sauna department? Science Park’s Meeting World is sure to have the perfect facility for your event. 

  • Well-equipped meeting facilities 
  • Top-level meeting technology 
  • Full-service meeting packages 
  • Located close to the city centre 
  • Easy to get to 
  • A parking garage  
  • Catering and restaurant services under the same roof 
  • Great activity opportunities  

Business growth and development for your company 

A service that is rarely found under the same roof! Grow innovative ideas, business activities and capital in the Joensuu region! Business Joensuu offers services for businesses, entrepreneurs and investors. We provide you with solid expertise and knowledge about networks, local conditions and opportunities. Every year, Business Joensuu also organises many Business Info events and other gatherings, which are open to all our customers. Find out more about Business Joensuu’s activities and event calendar here. 

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