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Physical fitness and energy for daily life – a gym at your service

Gaining access to the gym as a Louhelan Woima member

You will receive access rights to the gym by paying a user fee and presenting a receipt of the transaction and a valid Louhelan Woima membership card to the Lobby Services of the Science Park. You will agree to follow the instructions and rules of the gym. Lobby Services will add access rights to the gym on your pass and guide you to the gym. The gym is located in the basement and it can be used every day 6 am-10 pm.

Gym fee: 90 €/6 months or 180 €/12 months (incl. VAT 24 %).

Gym fees will not be refunded under any circumstances.

NB! Please remember that access to the gym expires, when you stop working at Science Park.

NB! Joensuu Science Park Ltd and Louhelan Woima do not have an insurance policy for gym users; therefore, all users must have personal accident insurance!

Gym fee payment by a bank transfer or by card at Lobby services

The user fee of the gym is paid to the account of Joensuu Science Park Ltd:
IBAN: OP FI05 5770 0520 0133 57
Type the following message into the message box: kuntosalimaksu

You can also pay the gym fee by card (credit/debit) at Lobby services.

Gym fee payment with Epassi

You can now use SporttiPassi to pay for the Science Park gym fees. Epassi is a payment method for exercise fees that is based on a user’s telephone number and it enables payments to thousands of service providers. You can also use Epassi to pay for the fees of sports clubs and events, for example. More information:

  • When you use Epassi, you can use the Epassi online payment to pay for the Science Park gym fee.
  • Log in with your user rights to the website.
  • Select Epassi online payment.
  • Start by entering Joensuun Tiedepuisto in the menu. When the system finds it, select a service provider and click Next (seuraava).
  • Enter the amount in euros.
  • Enter reference information on the payment into the service description.
  • Click Pay (maksa).
  • Sign the voucher that you have received by email and bring it to Lobby Services as proof of payment.

Gym fee payment using Smartum

  • Lobby Services accept the following Smartum payment methods:
  • Smartum Liikuntaseteli voucher, value EUR 4.
  • Smartum Liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli voucher, value EUR 5.
  • SmartumPay. An online payment method for exercise and cultural services.
  • Smartum vouchers

You can pay a gym fee at Lobby Services either in full or partly using Smartum vouchers.

SmartumPay – online payment

Pay a fee either in full or partly in your Smartum online service and present a receipt of the payment at Lobby Services (a printed copy or on a mobile phone).

Partial payment with Smartum

If you wish to pay a fee only partly using Smartum, you can pay the remaining part of the fee in advance using a bank transfer to the account of Joensuu Science Park: FI05 5770 0520 0133 57, message: your name/kuntosalimaksu. Please print a receipt of the payment and bring it to Lobby services along with Smartum vouchers or a Smartum Saldo payment receipt. Please ensure that the paid sum matches the fee; extra payments are not returned

Please note that gym fees cannot be paid with cash at Lobby Services. Smartum vouchers or Smartum Saldo cannot be exchanged for cash and no change is given.

Check out a list of gym equipment

Contact information:

Hanne Huhmarsalo

Development Manager, Customer Experience and Quality

+358 50 380 2382

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