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How LOW can you go!

LoW offers regular, weekly and one-off events throughout the year that are a great opportunity for networking. LoW also offers companies an easy way to take care of their commitments related to workplace health promotion. How would you feel about a hike in snowshoes, a champagne tasting, a weekly shot of adrenaline at a volleyball court or a trip to concert in pleasant company? Everyone working at the Science Park is welcome to join the activities organised by Louhelan Woima! As a member, you will receive benefits and discounts at various sports venues.

LoW’s history and origin

Louhelan Woima was established in 2001. The initial start to the recreational association came after a group of enthusiastic sportsmen of the Science Park had participated in Jukola relay. Soon after, it was found that there was a concrete need for establishing LoW at the Science Park.

Louhelan Woima is a good “excuse” to bring together various operators at the Science Park regardless of their field of operation and background through sports and other recreational activities.

Half of the association’s name comes from a school called Louhela that once operated at the site of the Science Park. There is also a story behind the word Woima. The impact of other sports associations’ names is visible in the name of the association that organises activities related to sports and leisure time. Woima was also a good word to follow Louhela as the abbreviation was thus LoW.

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